Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose


1. Begin in Trikonasana with the right leg forward. Bend your right knee and bring your left hand to your hip.

2. Bring your right hand to the floor or a block, about 25cms in front of your right foot. Your hand should be under your shoulder when you are in the full pose.

3. Begin to straighten your right leg while simultaneously lifting your left foot off the floor. Keep your left leg as straight as possible.

4. Open your hips, stacking the left hip point on top of the right hip point.

5. Bring your left leg straight and parallel to the floor. Flex your left foot strongly with the toes pointing toward the left side of the room.

6. When you feel balanced on the right leg, reach the left arm up toward the ceiling, opening the chest and making a straight line with the right and left arms perpendicular to the floor.

7. Finally, turn your head so that your gaze is lifted toward your upraised left fingertips.

8. Balance here for around five breaths before releasing the left leg to the floor and repeating the pose on the other side.


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