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By Zoom £6.00 and LIVE £800                                      paypal.me/emilykyle56 or contact me 4 bank details.
zoom Meeting ID: 658-776-6581, passcode: ekmyoga
MOnday zoom only gentle yoga  5:30-6:30 pm
A very gentle 1 hour class using props which is great for those that have injuries or joint issues. in this class many VARIATIONS are given so that everyone can practice the yoga many yoga postures.
TUESDAY Zoom & Live Yoga @ Pentraeth Memorial Hall, LL75 8AZ
Tuesday Beginner/mixed ability Yoga –  5:30-6:40 pm (live & zoom)                                        A gentle class with lots of instruction, postures variations and props. Suitable for all ages and abilities as well as people recovering from a physical injury or illness.  Come along if you are looking for a gentle class that covers the basics building blocks of yoga.
Tuesday Ashtanga mixed flow @ Pentraeth Memorial Hall, LL75 8AZ
Mixed Ability- 7:00-8:30 pm (live only)                                                                                                    A later class in which we will start with pranayama, then loosely follow the Ashtanga Yoga primary series with variations and changes. A spontaneous flow of movement with Savasana /relaxation towards the end.
THURSDAY Yoga Explorations @ Llandegfan Parish Hall, LL59 5UN
Mixed Ability- 6:30-8:15 pm (live only)                                                                                                  a Mixed ability class that works on building strength & flexibility, exploring ways to express the many different yoga postures, loosely following the Ashtanga yoga sequences. Beginners are welcome to come along and will be offered suitable variations to fit individual ability. Inversions will be offered as well and there will be some breath work with the class finishing in Savasana.
SATURDAY AM Yoga @ Pentraeth Memorial Hall, LL75 8AZ
Mixed Ability- 10:00-11:15am (live & zoom)                                                                                            A beginning to the weekend that intuitively explores the physical practice of yoga including arm balances. A great way to start the your saturday with this spontaneous flow of movement and yoga!
If you would like more information:  
call/message me on 07775798536    
email: emilykyleyoga@gmail.com      
For weekly class information please see Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilykyleyoga/

Donations: paypal.me/emilykyle56 or contact me for bank details.     

on Zoom £6.00 and attending a LIVE class £8.00   

For directions see the map below or call me.